Product Review: RYOT’s Lock-R Stash Box

RYOT’s Humidor Will Protect Your Buds In More Ways Than One!
Product Review: RYOT’s Lock-R Stash Box
Here’s what my kit looks like all filled up! (photo by Jon Cappetta)

Everyone’s ritual is different, but if there’s one thing that’s fairly consistent amongst smokers, no matter their preferred method, it’s the formation of a stash kit. While some people are more comfortable openly displaying their obsessions than others, even the most bold and branded of us have a spot in their place to keep their goods—be it a rolling tray, a grinder bag, sometimes even a shoebox—stoners have long kept their most precious goods together. At my house, and probably mostly because the frequency of my consumption, pretty much every surface has a rolling tray with a grinder, a pack of bambus, and some sort of poker to pack down my doob. Now, while I always have the supplies within a couple feet, for some reason my stash floats around a bit more, and is rarely on the tray within reach. It’s always the last place you left it, after all. While the option’s always been there to keep the bag with the tray, for some reason the sheer ease of it all never really ‘Ah-ha’d’ for me until I picked up this kit.

Stash Protection & Discretion

RYOT’s LOCK-R BOX is visually stunning, with clean wood shaping the entire box and what looks like a brass lock (that works!), but it doesn’t stop at a beautiful encapsulation. RYOT’s included just about everything you could need for the perfect sesh within this all-in-one kit, besides the actual buds of course, without creating something that stands out as a ‘stoner product’. Akin to the humidors you’d find in your father or grandfather’s room as a kid, this nondescript is virtually indistinguishable from any other wooden storage container out there—spared of the weed leaves or heady images that usually adorn canna-focused products. While tastefully branded inside the lid, this certainly isn’t a one trick pony. Almost entirely customizable inside, the kit features perfectly sized dividers with rubber ends so you can arrange your storage needs as required by the contents you intend to hold. The team at RYOT, which has been around for 20 years now, truly knows what they’re doing. This thing isn’t just a play to reach the smoker audience, this was clearly designed by us, for us.

What’s In The Box?

Inside the landing box is of course another box, but this is the one you’ve been waiting for. With an included key for the lock, opening the top reveals a beautiful walnut rolling tray elegantly resting on the notches on either side of the container. Below you’ll find 3 storage jars (each nestled in its own compartment) and an extra removable and customizable tray to hold anything from small bics to a torch—besides papers and trees there’s not much you’ll need to add to this thing to be ready to go. My kit included the Wood GR8TR Grinder with the Jar Body and I’ve got to say, it’s already one of my favorite grinders to date. However, RYOT’s site has tons of other products you can add to this kit, including metal grinders and dugout kits, if you’ve had enough of the wood grain. 

Rolling in Plain Sight

While this box naturally fits in anywhere from the most distinguished of cigar lounges to your bedroom shelf, one of the most appealing parts about this item is it does virtually nothing to signal to an unaware user what may be inside. There’s no flower engravings or silly slogans, so it’s easy for a layman to quickly look past it as if it were a watch box or memento chest, but large enough and organized to the point where virtually everything you’ll need to complete your ritual will always be in one place when you need it—that is of course unless you’re using a bong. If that’s the case, just keep this NEXT TO your bong. It’s not foldable, it won’t fit, but this is definitely far less conspicuous. Heck, maybe it’s your new bong stand! It’s lockable, so you can rest assured your kids (or nosy roommates) won’t get into your stash. 

For me though, this box has quickly become my roadie. I have no need to hide what I’m doing at home, but when I gotta hit the trail for a bit, or go on vacation, I can confidently lock everything I need away for a week out of the house without needing to bring along anything else. Those of you who have never had a kit probably know the struggle of making sure you’ve always got a grinder, a lighter, and some papers or dutches or pipes, so even if this is a bit too extravagant for you, RYOT’s definitely got a product available suited to your needs.

Coming in at $250 for the 11 x 10 model pictured, while it’s definitely an investment to obtain, I’m confident this will become one of your most treasured items. That said, compare this kit to competitors out there and you’ll find this has a much more reasonable price point than others, and everything you need included! Why just get a box when you can have the whole kit & caboodle? 

Try it for yourself and let us know what you think on Twitter at @High_Times_Mag & @joncappetta!

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