10 Best Carb Caps For Cannabis Concentrates

Taste those terpenes.
10 Best Carb Caps For Cannabis Concentrates

If you’re a daily dabber who enjoys low-temperature dabs, owning one of the best carb caps is a must. Carb capping at low temperatures provides more flavorful dabs with lasting effects. Glass caps and quartz bangers are go-to’s for flavor-chasing dabbers. The best carb caps will obviously depend on your current set up. For example, if you’re using a banger with a slanted top, a bubble cap would be useless. Here are the best carb caps for every style of quartz banger ranked by efficiency, versatility and price.

10. Quartz Bubble — Jason Hoyes

10 Best Carb Caps of 2017

Jason Hoyes is an American glassblower making some of the most affordable quartz bangers and carb caps on the market today. He has one of the only all quartz caps on the market for an affordable price.

Price: $60.00

Pros: Bubble design makes it easy to control the direction of airflow with flat-top bangers. It’s made entirely of quartz, which is more resistant to the heat of your banger. You can use your finger to carb the hole on top. It can also stand up, preventing the sticky side from getting on any of your stuff.

Cons: Works best on flat tops, useless otherwise.

Why We Like It: One of the only all-quartz caps on the market, perfect for flat-top bangers.

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