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10 Best Edibles Of 2017

You can find drinks, sweets and savory snacks on our list of the best edibles of 2017.

Ab Hanna



9. Cheeba Chews

10 Best Edibles Of 2017

Cheeba Chews was one of the first legal providers of infused edibles in California. They’ve been in business for eight years, racked up three Cannabis Cup awards and are stocked in 800 dispensaries.

Pros: Their packaging is discreet and unappealing to children. In Colorado, their products look like they could come from a pharmacy. Individual pieces of chocolate can be popped out of the foil side of their packaging. Each chew is 10 mg for safe and easy dosing. They run tests for potency, pesticides and more.

Cons: Not as gourmet tasting as some of the other chocolates on our list. This is just a small piece of chocolate intended to get you medicated.

Why We Like It: Small, discreet and easy to dose.

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