REVIEW: XVAPE – Vista Mini 2

Dying to try out a new e-rig? Here’s what we think about the XVAPE Vista Mini 2.
REVIEW: XVAPE - Vista Mini 2
Courtesy of XVAPE

The Vista Mini 2 by XVAPE is the latest competitor in the growing e-rig space—aka the portable, electronic dab rigs for torch-free wax and concentrate consumption. For those new to this space, the quickest explainer for this category is such: these are vaporizer bongs. Just like the refillable vape-pens out there, e-rigs have an atomizer bowl that allows you to safely heat up and consume your concentrates without having to break out a butane torch. Even better, and to one up it’s more portable competitors, these feature glass attachments that allow for true dabs rather than the hot weed air most vaporizers produce.

Now, I haven’t been shy about my distaste for most vapes in the past, but the e-rig space is the first set of electronic smoking equipment that I can really get behind. Since back in the early days of the Volcano this has been a space I’ve watched closely, but one that frankly has provided underwhelming results thus far. While I do love smoking out of bags, the taste was often underwhelming. Now that companies have moved a bit away from flower vaporizing to concentrates, the process is definitely more seamless than it was before, and you can clearly feel the effects.

Enter XVAPE’s Vista Mini 2

At first glance it’s easy to see why the XVAPE could be appealing. The product’s sleek design, and glass on glass attachments exudes class, while also looking like something you’d find in some mad scientist’s laboratory. Similar to the high-end bongs available, the Vista Mini 2 is a piece that works as a decorative item as well as a functional one. Even better, while the carb cap has become a personalization point on most rigs for consumers the past few years, the glass topper for the XVAPE’s atomizer really stands out—it’s like the covers for cakes in restaurants—it’s too beautiful to hide what’s going on inside, but you still gotta protect that thing!

Another standout feature is the price point—with a sea of competitors charging hundreds of dollars for roughly the same hardware, XVAPE’s prices are significantly below theirs. Coming in around $160, you’ll save close to $200 on this bad boy without sacrificing any of the function, and in my opinion with one of the better looking models available. The discreet look with the cost-effective price point makes this an easy buy for both those looking to dip their feet into the world of dabbing, and the torch-wielding mega-dabbers with years of experience.

What’s in the Box

When you open up the XVAPE the first thing you’ll see inside the box is it’s travel case that fills to the seams of its container. Unlike other brands that charge you for the convenience of travelling with your device, the XVAPE provides all you’ll need to store and go with no extra fee. Not only that, but also unlike other products carrying cases, the laser cut foam inserts hold everything perfectly in place, so you won’t need to worry about a few bumps in the road. 

Everything you’ll need to start dabbing is included in this kit—besides the extract of course. With two atomizer attachments, a glass mouthpiece (with glass on glass connectors and a buckle), the chamber / battery, a cake dish glass cover, extra silicon pieces, a USB charger and a dab tool, just grab your favorite concentrate and you’re set to jet. I recommend charging it all the way first to preserve the best battery life, and before you add the attachments you’ll want to fill the chamber with water up to the fill line—it’s much easier this way.

REVIEW: XVAPE - Vista Mini 2
Courtesy of XVAPE

Using the XVAPE Vista Mini 2

Once you’ve got everything set up, drop some of your favorite extracts into the bucket, pop on the secure cap, hit the button three times to power it up, then one more time to heat, and enjoy your smoke! The device has 4 heat settings, which you can toggle by hitting the power button twice quickly, so if you have a more viscous material you’ll probably want to keep it white, while the harder waxes will melt better at the blue or red setting. Personally, I like to start white and work my way up to give a cold-start like effect.

I’ve been fortunate to try most of the e-rig offerings out there so far so trust me when I tell you these guys have figured it out. This thing rips—it’ll cleanly burn off your extract without souping, and provide a hit that even gram-dabbers will appreciate without breaking your bank to secure.

For a guy who loves toys, this has quickly become one of my favorites. Try it for yourself and let us know what you think!

Written by Jon Cappetta

  1. Jesus, it’s called a light bulb vaporizer and costs about a buck, and takes ten minutes to make. Hits are great. If you have $160 for a vaporizer you are making money off the drug war directly or indirectly.

    1. I bought a vapo-bowl and vape pipe similar to a Vapor Genie for about twenty Euros each in France and Holland. The hits were perfect. The metal die casting was cheap and both lasted only about three months but were totally worth it. Now I’m stuck in a country that couldn’t comprehend vaporizing vs. smoking if you paid them. It just doesn’t compute because they have no access or meaningful info about them. I originally got into vaping after I blew my lungs out with heavy bong use and was in serious agony from smoking. Vaporizing was a miracle that gave me back my stone without any undue stress on the lungs; it’s like inhaling THC steam rather than gritty smoke. I realize High Times needs to pay bills but only advertising $200 vaporizers does a disservice to the cannabis community, and I suspect these vape manufactures are price fixing. They take advantage of users by creating a climate that makes it seem cheaper and equally effective vaporizers are not available. Expensive electric vapes are no doubt neat and fun to use but one must ask if there is not a planned obsolescence built into many of them. I recommend High Times do a section on DIY vapes as part of a general educational movement that puts vape power back in the hands of cannabis users without blindsiding them with luxury vapes.

  2. I have to say this thing is my new GO TO no cap! I couldn’t believe the hits I was getting from such a small amount. I’m not exactly swimming in cash these days so I appreciate that it makes me feel like i’m getting all my money’s worth from the tiny jars i’m buying in Arkansas. Awesome Product 10/10 would recommend for anyone! Hit me up on Instagram @unstable515 and I can answer your questions.

  3. Why, at this late date, are there no reliable $20 dollar electric vapes for weed and hash available anywhere? Are we a species of morons? NASA is now planning on flying a fricken helicopter through the canyons of Mars but we can’t even get a decent, cheap, electric vape for the mass market out?? Plenty of oil vapes around for about $45-200, but I’ve never seen one for flowers or hash that works effectively for $20—which is sorely needed. Manufacturers???

    1. A lot of people have tried, the handheld flower vapes are just lackluster – the best I’ve seen is prob the GPen dry herb vape but I wouldn’t write home about the experience, and I love their products. Volcanoe’s are truly the only dry herb vape I dig – maybe it’s the bag experience – but the flavor profile doesn’t come from anything else like that unit. So in short, they exist, but they’re not noteworthy today. Have you seen the BNDLS Terp straw, or the dip device though? Those work great for hash.

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