Al Capone Wants Smokers To Roll the Perfect Blunt

Available in three all-natural flavors, Al Capone offers the best tobacco leaf wraps on the market.
Courtesy of Al Capone

Al Capone wants its consumers more than satisfied with their blunts. With a beautiful leaf, the company ensures smokers can roll without issue but instead with flavor, practicality, and style. The brand is called Al Capone for a reason; it’s top of its food chain when it comes to 100% tobacco leaf wraps.

Al Capone wants smokers to roll the ideal blunt with all-natural wraps. For over 25 years, they have been making smokers’ and blunt rollers’ lives easier. Al Capone introduced their premium cigarillos to the U.S. market back in 1996. In over two decades since it got started, they became one of the fastest-growing brands in the U.S. natural tobacco leaf and hand-rolled market.

Six years ago, Al Capone recognized the increasing demand for all-natural tobacco leaf wraps, so they launched Al Capone Wraps. These products took their rightful place as the most premium tobacco leaf used for rolling. The Al Capone wraps match rollers’ needs. Al Capone Wraps are packed in individual pouches, so they are always fresh and ready to smoke.

There are no thick veins, plus the leaf is stretchy. They come pre-cut to the ideal size with a self-adhesive strip for easy closure. The wraps seal nice, tight, and right. They are available in three great flavors: Original, Cognac & Rum. Al Capone gives smokers time to enjoy and savor these flavors, as well. These blunts burn slowly, providing smokers a nice, relaxing time. They also burn evenly, so a flakey or unreliable blunt these silky textured products are not.


Al Capone takes great pride in its leaf, mostly because it is no ordinary leaf. The folks behind Al Capone strongly believe that it is the best leaf in the market. The company listened to consumers to make that happen. Al Capone wanted to know what was bothering blunt rollers, and what they found lacking about whatever brand they rolled and smoked. These tobacco leaf wraps provide the solutions to those issues.

For starters, there’s no inconsistency in the leaves. It’s always good quality and, again, comes in individual, sealed pouches, to preserve the freshness and flavors of it all. It’s stretchy, too, in case a smoker wants to roll a fatter blunt. Al Capone wants people rolling the perfect blunt, no matter the size, mood, or time of day.

If a smoker wants a little flavor, a little kick for whatever they’re smoking, Al Capone offers its three natural flavors. No ridiculous artificial flavors, either, that any smoker worth their salt rolls their eyes at. No bubble gum, passion fruit, or anything silly along those lines to dismiss. The three flavors are not overwhelming and only compliment the blunt with hints of cognac or rum. They never detract from the flavor and smell of the experience.

The flavors are subtle. Not only that but accurate. The flavors live up to their names. If a smoker fancies the smell of rum, they’ll get it from Al Capone. It enhances the experience as a nice cherry on the top of whatever is nice and snug in the leaf. It’s always a pleasant smell and taste. These wraps have a nice, light, and tasty touch. 

They hold together strong, too. Be ambitious and make an XXL blunt with Al Capone and never fret whether the blunt will handle all the flower power it’s storing. Fill one of these products to the brim with whatever is desired, and it’ll keep the product safe and secure. Soft and smooth, that’s Al Capone.


Al Capone sees its products as hip, edgy, and forward-thinking blunts, which cater to adult smokers of all ages. The company proudly declares they stand for what’s real, not perfect. The Al Capone way: the freedom for people to incorporate their products however they want, whether with cognac or a good meal. Al Capone only guarantees they have a premium product, nothing else. Al Capone’s culture believes in the perfectly imperfect.

These products are widely available and affordable, as well. The leaf is available on the mass market. It is not a $20 or $30 wrap, either. It’s under $2 a wrap, a rare low-cost product with high quality. In the last year alone, the sales of these little beauties have skyrocketed and found a passionate, loyal following.

There’s no chance a smoker has ever bought a blunt and missed the sight of one of Al Capone’s products. For anyone living under a rock, though, Al Capone has an online store locator on their website, where they also let people know exactly what they’re smoking.

The All-Natural Tobacco Leaf Wraps are made with care. From the farming to the packing and to the affordable prices, that care is always tangible when holding and smoking from one of their products. When it comes to Leaf Wraps, Al Capone is as good as it gets.

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