How Much Does Your Trust Cost? A Case Study on Consumer Buying Power

Understanding why consumers choose the products they do and the importance of brand loyalty in today’s marketplace.
Courtesy Spectrum King

Shopping for a new product is a lot like dating – you are unsure if you are making the right move, branching out can be unnerving, and you really do not know what you are getting until you make that first connection. Shopping for lighting solutions for your grow operation is no different – there are dozens of options, it’s difficult to make a decision and you really do not know what you are getting.  

Fortunately today we have the internet – for both dating and comparison shopping. Doing the research online helps consumers look beyond clever marketing ploys toward the products and services that truly stand out. 

Building Trust

At the end of the day, the exchange of trust between customer and company can be just as valuable as the product itself. It is really what drives anyone to buy anything. Customers have to trust that the company will hold up their end of the bargain and sell a product that works as well as they say it’s going to. And the thing is, if that trust is broken, the internet can take you down just as fast as it can build you up. Spectrum King LED functions off of that understanding, and is the main reason why its proprietary technology has evolved throughout the years to be the best choice for LED lighting solutions. 

The reality is, to become an industry leader, the talk has to be backed up by the walk. Other companies tout high ratings and lifespans that ultimately do not live up to the hype. But Spectrum King LED has time and time again proven that a quality product means more than a well-done marketing campaign. 

The Phoenix line is a testament to just that. Backed by a team of expert engineers, Spectrum King LED has built a light that is nearly perfect – thanks in large part to the quality of each component that goes into every fixture:

Courtesy Spectrum King

Designed for the Long Haul

With a build like this, it could be easy to sell the product knowing it will perform and leave it at that. But that is not Spectrum King’s style. Instead, each sale is a chance to build a new relationship. The company prides itself on changing the way customer service is done. Going beyond the sale to help with troubleshooting and further guidance to help get the most out of your operation. It is no secret that there is a lot that goes into running a successful grow which is why Spectrum King LED has an experienced team of individuals who are available to help you design lighting maps, configure your lighting fixtures and assist in climate control and other facility functions. It is this attention to quality that runs throughout all operations so that nothing is left to chance, because after all, the longevity of a product is reflected in the company that produces it.

So when the numbers positively align with the company and the work they are doing, you know something is right. Currently, Spectrum King LED has a defect tolerance of .03%, which means that out of a thousand units sold, they see an average of only two or three fixtures with any reported issues. That is kind of a big deal – the trust in the product is real. 

Over the last decade, a deeper understanding of the relationship between color spectrums and plant growth has allowed for vast improvements within LED technology, leading to the expansion of the market and the number of companies offering fixtures. With many options now available, it may seem daunting to reach a decision on which company to choose – but it does not have to be that way. Again, research is the best tool to help make a decision, and at the end of the day, you can trust a company that has a track record of zero defects and zero returns. Visit to see for yourself why Spectrum King LED is the best choice in LED lighting solutions.

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