Just Announced – High Times Cannabis Cup Illinois: People’s Choice 2022

High Times proudly presents the High Times Cannabis Cup Illinois: People’s Choice 2022.

High Times is heading back to the Land of Lincoln!

In the High Times Cannabis Cup Illinois: People’s Choice 2022, the largest pool of judges in history will help determine who has the best cannabis product in the stomping grounds of Barack Obama, Michael Jordan, and Oprah Winfrey.

It is only the third competition ever that will be open to the Illinois public.

Here’s the gist. From July 11-13, competitors will be able to submit their products at designated partnering cannabis retailers in Illinois. Then, a couple weeks later, on July 24, those interested in serving as judges for the competition can get their hands on a judge kit. The kits will be sold on a first-come-first serve basis, and will include up to 35 different cannabis products. They cost between $100 and $300. Want to be notified about judge updates? Sign up at CannabisCup.com/preregister.

Judges will have until September 4 to submit their choices. On September 18, winners will be announced.

As for competitors, one entry will cost you $500, and two will be $250 each. For three entries or more, however, the fee will be waived. 

A recreational and medical cannabis competition, the High Times Cannabis Cup Illinois: People’s Choice 2022 will feature a dozen different categories: Indica Flower (maximum three entries per company); Sativa Flower (three per company); Hybrid Flower (three per company); Pre-Rolls (two per company); Concentrates (one per company); Vape Pens & Cartridges (one per company); Edibles: Gummies (one per company); Edibles: Non-Gummies (one per company); Edibles: Beverages (one per company); Medical Flower; (two per company); Medical Vape Pens (one per company); and Medical Edibles (one per company).

For flower entries, units must be one gram; the organizers will not accept any 3.5 gram units. Pre-roll and infused pre-roll entries will be capped at two-gram flower equivalency each, while concentrates and vape pens must be half-gram units (batteries required for cartridges). Edible units must have a maximum of 50mg of THC.

The competition is a win-win for both consumers and producers––the former gets to sample a wide variety of product and the latter can get their goods in front of hundreds of new customers, while receiving valuable feedback, as well.

But that isn’t all they might get. Winners will be taking home some hardware, and more. 

First place recipients will receive the gleaming High Times Cannabis Cup trophy, which was designed by Alex and Allyson Grey. Made of highly durable zinc and 24k gold plating, the trophy comes delivered in a gold box replete with a cleaning wipe to make sure it sparkles in front of all your customers and friends.

In addition, first place winners will get a full page advertisement in High Times magazine following the competition, along with other forms of promotion through the publication’s website and social media properties. They will also receive a detailed report of the judge scores and comments for their products.

Second place winners will receive a medal made of pewter with silver plating and a silver ribbon that will be inscribed with the winning category, along with a detailed report of the judges scores and comments. They will also receive a half-page advertisement in High Times magazine.

Third place recipients will get a medal made of pewter with bronze plating and a bronze ribbon inscribed with the winning category, along with a half-page advertisement in the magazine and a judges report.

Top three finishers will also receive artwork assets denoting their finish in the competition to place on their packaging and other materials. 

Our Official Partners are Ascend, Zen Leaf, Herbal Remedies, and RISE. 

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