10 Best Quartz Bangers Of 2017

The finalists for the best quartz bangers let you finish your dab and taste it too.
10 Best Nails Of 2017

The finalists for the best quartz bangers of 2017 are quality controlled, preserve flavor and have good heat retention to provide maximum vaporization without scorching. You’re going to want one that is easy to clean if you plan to use it daily. If you’re copping quality concentrates, you probably want to use the best quartz banger to taste as much of the terpenes as possible.

For a while, dabbers were leaving huge puddles of oils behind using the “waste it to taste it” technique. However, with one of the best quartz bangers and a cap you should be able to taste your concentrates without wasting much. A directional air flow carb cap combined with any of the following nails will give you the most effective and enjoyable dabs of your life. So if you’re looking for the best quartz bangers for daily dabbers, look no further.

10. Flat Top — Jason Hoyes

10 Best Quartz Bangers Of 2017

Jason Hoyes is an American Glass artist that has his own line of quartz bangers. He has some of the best quartz bangers when it comes to the price. If you want the best possible flavor for the least amount of dollars we wouldn’t recommend looking anywhere else.

Price: $110.00

Pros: This finalist for best quartz bangers is also one of the most affordable American quartz nails on the market. Retains heat and flavor well. Flat-top design allows for a wide range of caps to be used.

Cons: This may be a contender for the best quartz banger, but the neck and bucket are extremely close together. As a result, the flame of your torch will inevitably be closer to both your rig and hands.

Why We Like It: Can’t beat the quality for the price of a finalist for the best quartz bangers.

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