10 Best Topicals Of 2017

Save your skin with one of the top 10 topicals of 2017.
10 Best Topicals Of 2017

7. Liddie’s Infused Coffee Scrub

10 Best Topicals Of 2017

Liddie’s Infused Coffee Scrub is a great way to get your skin clean. The organic THC infused coconut oil is mixed with organic coffee, organic sugar, organic cinnamon, organic honey and organic vanilla extract. Using the scrub two to three times a week will keep your skin feeling smoother than usual.

Pros: Visibly brightens and exfoliates skin even after one use! On top of cleaning deep into your pores, the THC-infused formula helps stimulate blood flow to wherever you rub it. One of the best topicals of 2017 when it comes to keeping your skin looking healthy.

Cons: This is for skin health. You’ll have to look at one of the other topicals on our list for pain relief.

Why We Like It: Leaves skin feeling much smoother and brighter than before.

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