10 Best Topicals Of 2017

Save your skin with one of the top 10 topicals of 2017.
10 Best Topicals Of 2017

4. Incredible Wellness Bath Salts

10 Best Topicals Of 2017

Incredibles is known for making some powerful edibles, but they also have a line of cannabis products called Incredible Wellness. The line is designed to provide patients with consumption alternatives and dosage control in many forms, including bath salts.

Pros: There is 500 mg of THC per container and 420 g of powder to scoop and drop into your bathtub. Each scoop is 25 mg, so you can measure precise doses. This product is designed to deliver a better body buzz. The eucalyptus and lavender bath salts should provide instant relief and aromatherapeutic relaxation. 

Cons: You’ll need a bathtub to make use of this topical. This isn’t for emergency on-the-go pain relief. It’s better for relaxing and healing from a hard day of work.

Why We Like It: Delivers a body buzz that you can’t get from just smoking flower.

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