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10 Best Topicals Of 2017

Save your skin with one of the top 10 topicals of 2017.

10 Best Topicals Of 2017

Topicals have come a long way since they first gained popularity years ago. You can find them in the form of lotions, bath bombs, sprays and more. Anyone looking to relieve aches and pains on their body without getting high will benefit from the use of topicals. The best topicals of 2017 are easy to use, and they relieve pain fast.

10. Whoopi & Maya Soak

10 Best Topicals Of 2017

Whoopi & Maya products are available all over California and in a few places in Colorado. The legendary Whoopi Goldberg decided to start selling medical cannabis products after teaming up with Maya Elisabeth, the founder of Om Edibles and the best infuser she could find. Maya’s edible company has won seven High Times Cannabis Cup awards since 2008. Together, they’re illustrating that cannabis can help with women’s health.

Pros: Whoopi & Maya’s Medical Cannabis Soak is a medicated Epsom salt bath. Epsom salts are made from magnesium and sulfate, two minerals our bodies need. They have naturally occurring healing properties as well as strong detoxifying properties. Combining skin nourishing oils with cannabis offers further healing properties. The bath helps relieve aches, pains and cramping associated with the menstrual cycle.

Cons: You won’t be able to use this outside of a bathtub.

Why We Like It: It’s a great way to unwind after a hard day at work.

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