10 Best Topicals Of 2017

Save your skin with one of the top 10 topicals of 2017.
10 Best Topicals Of 2017

5. Kush Creams Natural Sensi

10 Best Topicals Of 2017

At Kush Creams, they use highly medicated emu oil for the base of all their topicals. They claim emu oil is the only oil that penetrates down into your epidermal layer to deliver the medication, making their product one of the best topicals of 2017. They have a wide list of ailments and conditions that are helped by their products.

Pros: The triple infused Natural Sensi cream can be used in place of Neosporin or applied to any place with deep muscle pain. This Cannabis Cup-winning cream is most accredited for its use in the treatment of eczema. Rashes get stopped in their tracks.

Cons: If you’re only buying an ounce at a time it can be pricey. However, they have four- and eight-ounce tubs which are a better bang for your buck.

Why We Like It: Has your skin feeling medicated and free of pain for hours.

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