10 Best Topicals Of 2017

Save your skin with one of the top 10 topicals of 2017.
10 Best Topicals Of 2017

2. Lip Bong By Mary Janes Medicinals

10 Best Topicals Of 2017

Mary Jane Medicinals took their award-winning blend of oils and vitamins and put it into a chapstick container. Their cannabis-infused balm has multiple ingredients with antiviral properties so it can help prevent cold sore outbreaks. You can use it to heal chapped lips, cold sores, or rub it on your temples for headache relief. The versatility of Lip Bong makes it one of the best topicals of 2017.

The balm has a nice smooth texture and an enjoyable light peppermint aroma. You can find Mary Jane’s Medicinals in Colorado dispensaries and California collectives.

Pros: You’re not limited to one application method or one use. It’s used to treat headaches, burns, chapped lips and more. The portable container makes it easy to keep the Lip Bong on you at all times.

Cons: Small container. If you use infused topicals regularly, you’re better off getting a larger salve to save money.

Why We Like It: The versatility allows it to be used as more than one type of medication.

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