High Times Holiday Gift Guide For 2017

Help your loved ones get higher this holiday season with one of the hand-picked items from our holiday gift guide.
High Times Holiday Gift Guide


High Times Holiday Gift Guide
Planet of the Vapes

Is your significant other burning weed too fast? We recommend getting them a quality dry herb vaporizer so you can save all kinds of greens. Not to mention, vaporizing is a healthier option than smoking weed. Best of all, the smell won’t linger for anywhere near as long as smoking would so it’s easy to get away with getting high on the go. Look out for your loved one’s money, health and privacy with one of the best dry herb vaporizers on the market—and on our holiday gift guide— today.

If you want something that’s guaranteed not to confuse or disappoint, the Crafty vaporizer by Storz & Bickel is one of the best gifts you can find in our holiday gift guide. The company recently dropped the price of the device and increased battery life by 20 percent.

Price: $279.00

Pros: Perfect for solo use or sharing. You don’t have to pack a particular amount to get the best function. You can easily pass this around with a group of four and have everyone get medicated off a single full oven. There is a smartphone app for the Crafty which makes it easy to change the temperature and track things like usage and battery life. The vapor is never harsh because it has to travel through a cooling chamber before reaching the mouthpiece. Airflow isn’t restricted so it’s easy to get medicated without stressing your lungs out.

Cons: No digital screen so you’ll have to rely on the phone app for precise temperature control. Bulkier than some of the similarly priced portable vaporizers on the market.

Why We Like It: Puts out some of the largest, most flavorful clouds of visible vapor with minimal effort.

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