High Times Holiday Gift Guide For 2017

Help your loved ones get higher this holiday season with one of the hand-picked items from our holiday gift guide.
High Times Holiday Gift Guide

If you’re still doing last minute holiday shopping, we’re here to help. Have a loved one with an appreciation for or an infatuation with cannabis? Any connoisseur will appreciate the items in our holiday gift guide. In fact, we sought out the best products for weed in every category. Every listed item is guaranteed to enhance the cannabis smoking experience in some way. You’ll find something for all your weed-loving friends regardless of whether they are smokers, dabbers or vapers.

O.Pen 2.0

High Times Holiday Gift Guide

With the rapidly increasing popularity of THC cartridges, having a 510-thread battery that won’t burn out your prefill is a must. So you know we had to include at least one in our holiday gift guide. One that will vary in voltage is better for using a wide variety of cartridges. You don’t want to ruin the surprise by asking them which battery is best for their pre-filled cartridge.

Instead, you can get a vape pen that’ll work with any of them.

We recommend the O.pen 2.0 because you can use any cartridge with it. Start on the lowest setting and see if you get enough vapor. If not, there are three stronger settings for you to cycle through. Most pre-fills work fine on the first two settings, but stronger atomizers require max power.

Price: $39.95

Pros: The O.Pen 2.0 comes with a lifetime warranty so your loved one won’t have to keep purchasing batteries every time a cheap one dies out. It’s slim with the same circumference as most popular vape pen cartridges. The four settings make it capable of working with just about any cartridge on the market. Comes in a wide variety of stylish colors.

Cons: The glass of cartridges remain exposed with this battery. So if you drop it, you might lose your medicine.

Why We Like It: Works efficiently on just about any pre-filled cartridge on the market today.

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