Seth Rogen Rips New Bong Prototype

Pineapple express meets the year 2018 in this viral vid.
Seth Rogen Rips New Bong Prototype

For those that smoke regularly, toking up the same way every day can get to be a bit monotonous. Whether it’s rolling the exact same spliff with the exact same paper, or taking huge rips courtesy of a resin-filled bubbler, smoking the same way for too long can cause one to lose the lust for the green.

However, tasting your weed from a brand new contraption can be just the thing to get your love for mary jane back on track.

For a guy like Seth Rogen, who has made it no secret he loves the ganja, and has enough money and resources to, theoretically, smoke an unlimited amount of weed, he must continue find creative new ways to consume his cannabis to keep the sparks flying. Whether it’s blazing up and watching Game of Thrones with Snoop Dogg, or just rolling up your dad’s favorite cross joint, the actor/comedian has no shortage of ways to keep his high interesting.

Recently, one of Hollywood’s biggest stoners kicked it up yet another proverbial notch by smoking his weed out of something that looks like it is straight out of Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory. Take a look as Seth Rogen rips new bong prototype in this short viral video.

Seth Rogen Goes Where No Man Has Gone Before

Ok, that might be a little dramatic. But this gravity bong looks serious.

When we first see Seth with the device, we see the water in the top compartment of the capsule-like paraphernalia. When Seth takes a lighter to the buds, the top compartment begins to fill with thick, white smoke, and the water is pushed to the bottom.

Once the entire device is filled with smoke, Rogen flips the contraption around and takes a massive hit from the mouthpiece.

That’s where the coughing ensues.

Seth breaks out in a vicious cough, which every stoner knows is the recipe for getting blasted.

Rogen only speaks two words throughout the entire video, but they actually manage to sum up the experience quite well.

“Dear God.”

Final Hit: Seth Rogen Rips New Bong Prototype

This isn’t your grandpa’s gravity bong.

The Studenglass gravity bong depicted in the video certainly seems like a healthier alternative to the classic plastic-bottle gravity bong. You know, because, inhaling plastic doesn’t necessarily scream “healthy.”

As for the coughing, there’s no way you can avoid it altogether unless you possess iron lungs. However, you could probably avoid coughing as much as Rogen if you manage to take your hit without gazing into the majesty of the bong like he did. When smoke sits, it gets stale, which can cause the user the cough significantly more.

Either way, the ends certainly justify the means.

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