Experience the Pleasure of Cannabis With Ivy Rose Lubricant

Ivy Rose Personal Care Products launched their sexual lubricant to enhance female sensitivity.
Experience the Pleasure of Cannabis With Ivy Rose Lubricant

An Austin, Texas-based company recently announced launching a cannabis based sexual lubricant. Ivy Rose Personal Care Products has spent several years developing and testing a sexual lubricant that would enhance female stimulation during sexual intercourse or oral sex. The Ivy Rose product labeled as Liquid Pleasure, was specifically formulated to enhance orgasms in women.

Increasing Orgasms with Lubricant

Ivy Rose Liquid Pleasure was an idea created by its founder Priscilla Phipps. “Women, especially as they get older, are looking for ways to enhance libido, enhance sex, and counter the effects of menopause,” Phipps said. “A long history of studies and clinical testing along with recent research has indicated and proved that cannabinoids provide enhanced sexual stimulation.”

Priscilla believes that the development of a lubricant provides a solution for administering cannabinoids without ingestion, ensuring a THC-free product that’s legal in all 50 states. “Even young women are seeking ways to enhance their sexual experience,” says Priscilla.

Priscilla’s husband, Keith Phipps, is a chemist. He’s the one who researched and formulated the cannabinoid-based product. Over the course of a several years, Priscilla and other women volunteers, ranging in age from 18 to 70-years-old, tested and helped finalize the proprietary formulation. “We found in our testing without a doubt that Liquid Pleasure increased sensitivity and produced intensified and often multiple orgasms compared to a placebo,” Priscilla says.

Priscilla Confirms it’s a Product “Developed for Women by Women”

Experience the Pleasure of Cannabis With Ivy Rose Lubricant
Courtesy of Ivy Rose

In the conceptual stages of development and as formulations of the lubricant were tested, little was known about cannabinoids aside from THC. Developments in extraction techniques, published research on a spectrum of cannabinoids, along with subject-testing shed light on the project.

It soon became apparent that specific components created the desired effects while other components masked it. Keith felt that early on, based on cannabis use and the reported effects or benefits to sexual activity, this would be a straightforward process in oil extraction. What came to fruition was a matrix of components and how they reacted together. “Cannabis is truly a miracle of nature,” says Keith.

What Other Effects Does the Lubricant Have?

During the testing phase, the women who tried it also found a second benefit of the lube: it counters some of the effects created by menopause. The women reported that it decreased vaginal dryness and itching. Priscilla says that as the different formulations were tested, menopausal women said they started using the lube just to prevent the dryness they experienced. “I now have customers that apply the product daily just to counter the symptoms of menopause,” she says.

Liquid Pleasure is truly a one-of-a-kind product for women to enhance sexual pleasure, increase sensitivity, and decrease vaginal dryness. Finally, thanks to cannabinoids, there’s a product to enhance orgasms available for women.

“We feel so strongly about this product, that we have applied for a patent on it,” Priscilla says. “Ladies, this is it! If you want to achieve multiple orgasms, you have to try this product. It also has been reported to relieve menopausal symptoms like dryness and itching. Finally, a product made for women, by women!”

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