We Came Up With Creative Uses For CBD So You Don’t Have To

It’s easy and fun to infuse your daily routine with CBD!
We Came Up With Creative Uses For CBD So You Don’t Have To
Courtesy of Populum

CBD has become one of the defining wellness trends of 2018. The New Yorker recently described CBD as an aid for a fast-paced New York lifestyle and CBD infusions have crept into everyday culture, from bars in upscale hotel lobbies to sexual wellness products. It’s clear: hemp is no longer reserved for hippies; it has assimilated into the mainstream market and may be considered the next staple for daily wellness.

CBD’s growth in popularity is the fact that it is a versatile supplement with diverse uses. Whether in the form of a tincture, topical, or edible, there is undoubtedly room for exploration to find what works best in an everyday routine.

Those who are unfamiliar with CBD may find getting started intimidating and unapproachable, so our friends at Populum rounded up some fun and creative ways to implement it into your daily ritual:


Add a few drops of full-spectrum hemp CBD into your bath for an extra dimension of relaxation. If you felt like taking it to the next level, Populum suggests trying your hand at making a homemade bath bomb and adding CBD, giving full control of your dosage and an opportunity to get creative! You may also want to consider adding essential oils, such as lavender or eucalyptus oils.


If you jumpstart your energy in the morning with a smoothie, amplify it with a dosage of CBD. Populum’s Premium Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil is flavored with orange oil and stevia to curb the taste of cannabis and make taking it that much more enjoyable. The extra boost of sweetness will make your morning routine more delicious, and serves a great reminder to use the product every day.

We Came Up With Creative Uses For CBD So You Don’t Have To
Courtesy of Populum


With the explosion of CBD in the beauty industry, brands have found creative ways to infuse anything from moisturizers to serums with CBD oil. A study from 2014 by the American Society for Clinical Investigation describes CBD as having ‘a promising therapeutic agent for the treatment of acne vulgaris,’ citing its anti-inflammatory properties as beneficial for the treatment of breakouts.

Adding CBD to a homemade face mask allows your skin to fully absorb the hemp oil while gaining the benefits of additional ingredients. Creating a mixture with one tablespoon of bentonite clay, one tablespoon apple cider vinegar, and a full dropper of full-spectrum CBD oil is a great natural option for a DIY mask.


A spin on the classic edible without the high, enhance favorite treats with CBD by adding a dosage to any oil-based ingredient when baking. If you’re looking for inspiration, try this Chocolate Chunk Olive Oil Ricotta Cake recipe. Populum also suggests referencing this guide to baking with CBD to ensure you’re reaping all the benefits of hemp infusion and keeping the CBD active in your baked goods.

For your furry companions, add CBD created just for pets to homemade treats. Unflavored and less potent than hemp oil intended for humans, both you and your pet can enjoy the benefits of hemp-infused treats.

We Came Up With Creative Uses For CBD So You Don’t Have To
Courtesy of Populum

Muscle relief

If you are looking to explore CBD usage outside of a typical tincture, hemp-infused lotion is another option intended for targeted muscle relief. Keeping this at your desk and massaging it into your neck and shoulders will help to relieve any mid-day tightness.

Populum’s Cold Therapy Hemp Rub includes other natural ingredients such as chamomile, arnica, and aloe vera to soothe and calm the skin while providing fast-acting cooling relief for sore muscles.

You can see Populum’s full line of products at populum.com.

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